Diary of a Romance Writer 2

It’s been almost a month since I went on the romance-writing course and I have to say that I am having fun. I’m halfway through the novel, just over 20 000 words and I am astounded by the positive effect it is having on all the other writing that I do.

I do the romance writing during the morning session of writing, and I am able to just sit down and carry on from where I left off the day before. I have found that writing the first few sentences of a new chapter helps to kickstart the session’s writing and I’m always rather sorry when I finish my quota for the day.

Unfortunately I have had to divide my day into writing projects so that they all get the attention they deserve – unfortunate in that I can’t just write until I’ve had enough or until the book is finished. But I think that the break from it also prevents me from just rambling on.

The most amazing benefit of writing a light romance has been the effect it has had on my other writing projects. I have been able to make a committed effort to shaping my completed novel into its final form to send to a publisher; it would seem that the light writing segues into the heavier novel, having exercised the writing muscles, making them ready for the serious writing that the completed novel deserves.

I have a smile on my face while I write the romance novel. My fingers fly across the keyboard as I capture the raunchy love scenes and the fabulous settings; it is fabulous to have fun when you write. The completed novel demanded so much research and reading and getting the facts absolutely right, whereas the romance novel just lets my imagination run wild and I think therein lies the magic for me: my imagination has been fired up again, dampened as it was under two years of research and writing the completed novel.

Oh, and I’m in love, with the escapism of the genre! Who would have thought that the Mills & Boons novels that I hid between the covers of my Afrikaans text book as Sister Margaret Mary pounded out our weekly woordeskat, would re-emerge in my life twenty years later.


1 thought on “Diary of a Romance Writer 2

  1. This makes me nostalgic – used to laugh out loud/get all horny writing both 1st and 2nd drafts during my M&B phase.

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