Survival Kit for Romance Writers

lichtenstein-roy-the-kiss-iv-99414091Every romance writer needs a survival kit to help them out when they find themselves in a romantic writing drought.

1. A great memory of a first kiss.

I kissed Michael over the handlebars of his Chopper bike. He smelled of chlorine and he tasted of oranges. The memory of a first kiss brings back the tingly sensations that you have to relate in your love story every time your characters kiss.

2. A vine of jasmine outside their writing room.

The surprising hint of a delicious scent titillates the senses and awakens your response to sensational writing. Make sure your readers are as sensually aroused as you are by including sensational details.

3. A bottle of their favourite male fragrance.

Does he smell of pine or moss, does he exude a woody scent or a mature scent that reminds you of pine cones crackling in the hearth? Make his scent attractive and alluring; make it so your reader also wants to rip his clothes off.

4. Chandeliers and long white curtains that billow in their writing room.

Crystals catch and deflect the light and creates a sense of luxury. Long white billowing curtains adds to that full sensuality.

5. A day alone with love songs playing loud.

Play your love songs from morning til night on full volume, choosing the sad ones for the “we’re destined to never be together again” moment.

6. The handkerchief you kept from your first breakup.

That handkerchief you kept has got salt crystals on it from all the tears you shed. Cry all over again and tell your readers where it hurts.

7. Calendar of male pin-ups.

You know you’ve got a favourite part of the male anatomy – share it with your readers. Is it that delicious line that runs down his tummy separating his abs, or is it the hollow in his throat above his massive pecs?

8. Catalogue of dates.

Make a list of great places to spend a date and then keep them on file so that you’ve got a brilliant candlelit dinner in a nature reserve or an evening star-gazing when you need it.

9. A best friend.

Best friends always offer a shoulder to cry on or great advice. Turn to her or him when you’re not sure what your characters should do.

10. A great relationship.

You can’t write about one if you haven’t had one. Use the highest and lowest parts of your most sizzling relationship in your stories to create a believable romance that your readers will enjoy.


1 thought on “Survival Kit for Romance Writers

  1. Well, numbers 3 and 8 did it for me through 17 M&B romances, but it’s that little catch in the breath in the love scenes that lets you know you’ve got it right.

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