El Gouna Writers Residency 2010

I’m really pleased to be attending this residency. It’s my first residency and I’m looking forward to engaging with writers from other parts of the world, and having a full month to just write without the distractions of daily life. I am grateful to my family for agreeing to live without me for a month 🙂

“El Gouna is a unique fully developed town on the Red Sea, acknowledged for preserving local traditions and culture throughout its 20-year existence. This can be seen through its multicultural living community, international school, international university campus, church, mosque, museum and all other locations where residents can encounter traditional Egyptian architecture, and customs.

A few years ago, El Gouna celebrated the opening of El Gouna Library, a branch of world renowned Bibliotheca Alexandrina and home to one of Egypt’s six “Culturamas”.

Aiming to expand our efforts in cultural enrichment and hoping to make El Gouna a platform for literary exchange, El Gouna offers the first Writers’ Residency Program in the MENA region intended to provide writers with a wide variety of exciting and inspiring life experiences to feed their art and help develop valuable projects.”



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