Nature Writing Course 2-4 March 2018 in Dinokeng (An hour outside of Johannesburg).

Learn to look better, hear better, smell better, feel better.


Our world has been shaped by the interaction of natural and human history. Now, more than ever, global citizens are aware that our future is tied to that of our varying landscapes, and writers are looking for ways to write about our natural world.

Our workshop focuses on writing about landscape, place, and environment, and is designed to develop your creative writing practice about the natural world. It is suitable for nature lovers who wish to improve their ability to capture the landscape, and for professional science and environmental writers who wish to develop their writing skills.
There are no genre limitations – writers can express their relationship with nature and their reactions to it through poetry, non-fiction, YA, info-graphics, and any other way they feel inspired to do so.

Expect to:
1. Gain fresh perspectives on creative nature writing.
2. Enhance your awareness and understanding of the natural world.
3. Produce writing that makes the natural world real to readers.
4. Explore a range of styles and techniques in nature writing.
5. Develop your observation skills
6. Capture the natural world in words.
7. Increase your appreciation of the environment.

Contact Isabella at to book your place. Limited to 15 participants.


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