Five chapters left to revise and every excuse under the sun not to sit down and finish them. I had a list of things to do – a short story to polish and send off, a family holiday to book and an editing course to book. Instead, I ate breakfast quickly, I brushed my teeth and my hair, got dressed and put on make up. I marched down into the studio and grabbed the wheelie chair, planted my bottom in it and opened Word. Then I said a prayer and I started writing immediately. I didn’t care about the words that came, I didn’t allow myself to go back and make corrections or word substitutions, I just wrote the chapter until I wash finished.

Bryce Courtenay calls it bum-glue, I call it Action. I’ve written the 1500-word chapter I needed as a transition into the next chapter. It’s 12h39 and I’m done for the day. I could continue writing, I could revise the next chapter and have two chapters finished in one day, but I’m not going to. I am tired and I can feel that I won’t be fresh. I’m going to spend the rest of the day reading and thinking, because those pursuits are as important to what I write as is the actual writing.

What I know is that when I’m finished revising the other four chapters I will have to go back and revise the chapter I wrote today, but the important thing is that the chapter is down in its entirety and I don’t have to wonder how I’m going to write it. It’s been written – all it needs is a bit of tweaking. The task is far less daunting.

Writing is Action.



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